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Rumor: People Can Fly Making Gears of War Prequels

People Can Fly, the Polish developer behind the Painkiller games and the recent Bulletstorm, is rumored to be working on a prequel trilogy to Gears of War, according to the latest Official Xbox Magazine. It wouldn't be the first time the developer got their hands on a Gears of War title, as they developed the PC port of the original game.

Bulletstorm failed to set the chart alight, and Epic's President Mike Capps admitted that the game did not make money for them. Epic Games owns a majority stock of the development house, so it makes sense that they would put them on the series after the commercial failure of Bulletstorm, especially now that the main trilogy is done with.

There are a lot of story blanks that People Can Fly could fill in, such as the Pendulum Wars, before the invasion of the Locust. A Gears of War game without Locust, made by the people behind the gleefully ridiculous Bulletstorm, sounds like an interesting proposition, no?

The first Gears of War will get a prequel next month in the form of some Gears of War 3 DLC, Raam's Shadow, which focuses on the end boss of the first game in the series.


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