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Rumor: PlayStation 4 Projects Underway

With many sources claiming the next Xbox will be out by Christmas 2013, it makes perfect sense Sony would also be prepping for the next console cycle.

While there hasn't been much in the way of rumors regarding PlayStation 4, aside from it likely be released in 2014 rather than 2013, it is a safe bet that the prototype hardware is already in the hands of several developers as games being developed for the device are already well underway, according to a well-respected source via develop-online.net.  Of the sixteen first party studios owned by Sony, none have come out and said "yes we are making a new game" naturally, but the source claims many are in fact being developed already.  With developers such as Cliff Belinski saying Unreal Engine 4 will be ready some time in 2013 along with his team's first next-gen title and studios such as Ubisoft already talking at length about their interests in better hardware, it’s pretty obvious that 2012 will be the final year in which we see PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 being the focus of the industry. 

While uptake is usually a slow burn for any new console, since this generation has gone on a good year or two longer than has been the norm in past generations, it's possible people are quickly becoming hungrier for the next big thing in gaming a lot sooner than expected.  I for one am very excited to play future titles as soon as possible.

source: develop-online


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