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Rumor: PS4 Console To Be Revealed Very Soon

The Playstation 4 console could be getting an unveiling in the very near future, says PC Magazine.

According to the magazine’s website, “…late April/early May will be the likeliest time frame for a full-blown launch of the PS4.”

The information, which has come from an unknown source who is apparently ‘familiar with the company's marketing strategy,’ was posted on the site yesterday and has since been circulating around the internet like wildfire.

With E3 expected in June and Sony staying tight lipped about when the console would be getting its first entrance at last month's GDC, it appeared that the Playstation creators were going to wait until the next main event to showcase the PS4 console. 

However, if the rumors are to be believed, then it would appear that Sony will be creating their very own press event before June, leaving Microsoft with E3 as an uninterrupted unveiling ground for their brand new next-gen console.

Whether this tactic will work in Sony’s favor, only time will tell. On the one hand, everyone could be so mesmerized by the new PS4, that they lose interest in what Microsoft have to say. However, it could also backfire and leave their rivals with the limelight at biggest event in the gaming calendar, causing everyone to forget the previous month.

Of course these could all just be rumors but what do you think? Is it a good idea for Sony to unveil the Playstation 4 console before E3? If they do go ahead with the above, could this tactic backfire in their faces or cause Microsoft to quake a little? Let us know what you think down below.


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