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Rumored Natal Price

Natal is set to release around the Holiday season this year and a lot of people are getting excited about this new installment to their 360.  However, they also have been wondering if this is going to put a huge dent in their wallets.  While we don’t know any official information from Microsoft, according to Edge the price stands at $299 with an Xbox 360 Arcade unit and $149 for just the unit itself.

Just A Few More Months Milo

This is a little more than the confirmed price for Sony’s Move price going at $100 for the camera and the controller.  Even though it is a little more you have to take in the fact that if you want to play with two people you need to go buy another controller where Natal requires no remote.  It’s still too early to figure out which of the two will come out dominate but it will likely be a very close fight.  Microsoft hasn’t confirmed this information just yet but with E3 coming up we expect to hear more about the Natal, and its price.


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