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Rumors On Devil May Cry Reboot

I’m just going to cut right to it here, if what you’ve already seen from Ninja Theory’s reboot of the long running Devil May Cry series has shaken your confidence; this isn’t going to change anything. I must emphasise here and now that this is not confirmed, so take the following with a huge pinch of salt.

If the leak is true then Ninja Theory has made some drastic changes to the DMC formula and by "Drastic", I mean "Bad".  Firearms will now have a cool-down period, but there is no information on what that actually means, and that just doesn’t belong in a Devil May Cry game. The look of Dante is also the same, which is something that a lot of people instantly hated when the reveal trailer was released.  The game will also run at a locked 30 frames-per-second. 


Yo, I'm more than likely going to screw up one of the best franchises of the past decade...problem?

The leak says that Capcom have played the game, but without knowing who; that statement carries little weight. Fan reactions to the DMC reboot has not been good to say the least, and if these rumours being confirmed is what’s in store for E3, then all hope may well be lost for this project staying even remotely true to the franchise. However, Devil May Cry has recovered in the past from lesser entries in the series so we’ll just have to wait and see.


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