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Rumour: God of War 4 Release Announced?

According to the unofficial playstation mag, PSM3, the fourth instalment of the God of War series will be released in September 2012. And with PSM3 being one of the most popular and respected playstation magazines in the UK, it’s hard to deny that this is most likely the truth.

In an article of the latest issue, PSM3 quotes;

"PSM3 has heard from another source that God of War 4 is coming, and will hit in September 2012,"

"Our source works closely with the God of War universe, and let slip he'd be working on a related project at the same time."

Speculations began after the CV of an animator appeared online last month, which referenced a “God of War 4 cinematic test”. Despite what seemed to be so blatantly obvious, the animator in question denied that it had anything to do with the Greek hack and slash series.

However the rumour revolving around the chances of God of War 4 seeing the light of day is only backed up by what Santa Monica Studio said after last year’s release of God of War 3, saying it’s “not the end” for the hugely successful series, which has been a flagship for Sony Computer Entertainment for years.

The latest issue of PSM3, containing the full article, is now available to all subscribers, and will hit the magazine shelves as of next week.


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