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Runespell: Overture Release Date Set

The indie developer Mystic Box has announced the release date for their RPG/ card game hybrid, Runespell: Overture, and released a new video explaining how some of the features in the game work.  If you can imaging Puzzle Quest, but with Poker, that's a lot like Runsespell.  

It will premiere on Steam later this month at $9.99, but with the 10% discount that tends to come with games when they launch there.
  "We hope these prices reflect the differences per currency best,"says Barry Hoffman one of the producers of Mystic Box.

There will be a demo available on Steam at release to give cautious players a chance to try out the sort of Poker Quest gameplay that Runespell has to offer.  The game will become available on July 20, 2011.  More about it can be found at Mystic Box's website, and the latest gameplay video is below.


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