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RUSE Pushed Back to September

RUSE, a real time strategy game that focuses on deception, has once again been postponed, this time to late September. RUSE revolves around a “ruse system”, which allows the player to fool or deceive the opponent. There will be a total of ten or more ruses that are separated into three categories: those that hide information, those that reveal information, and those that allow fake structures or units to be placed in order to deceive the enemy. The game will take place in World War II and will focus on the major theaters of the war. Although the United States will be the only playable faction in the games campaign mode, other factions are present and will be accessible in RUSE’s online mode. The other playable factions consist of the Soviet Union, Italy, France, Nazi Germany, and the United Kingdom. Each faction has their own set of advantages and disadvantages, which allows for a more diverse strategy.

Normally, this would be a devastating blow to the people who have been anxiously waiting to play this game, however RUSE fans have been transformed into a rare breed of gamers. They are no longer affected by the delays, as this has been the third time the release date has changed. According to RUSE's Facebook page, the extra time will allow them to implement many of the suggestions made by the public community. These suggestions include:

• The multiplayer menus and filters
• The unit selection
• The order assignment
• The unit behavior and path-finding
• The strategic AI behavior
• The anti-lag policy and kick system
• and the game balance of course

Hopefully the delay will give the RUSE team the extra time they need to analyze the feedback and implement the suggestions made. Maybe this time the delay won’t turn out to be another ruse!… Sorry, I just couldn’t resist getting at least ONE pun in there.


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