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Ruzzle Review

The word challenging games seem to have a certain consistency nowadays, so meet Ruzzle, the newest app adding to the market frenzy. If you don’t believe me find your own credibility in its statistics: 25 million players and an outstanding average rating of 4.1 out of 5. MAG Interactive seems to have created a game similar to Boggle where you try to find as many words as you can from a scrambled bunch.

Ruzzle released simultaneously on Android and iOS which makes for a wider range of opponents. But I suggest you begin practicing offline before jumping into the surprisingly tense gameplay.  The objective is to find as many words as possible within a three round limit. The game’s grid is 4x4 with of course strategic bonuses for using indicated letters.


I’ve found that finding short words can make for quick scores, and adding letters to smaller words can produce larger totals. To your advantage, Ruzzle’s embedded dictionary has can easily identify any makeshift word you can think of that even somewhat resembles a real word.

You can play against randoms or challenge your closest friends given you know their usernames. Ruzzle currently lacks any Facebook or social media integration so finding your friends with the touch of a button isn’t an option. Multi game management is also a simple task, you can be in the midst of several games at one time although you must be attentive to when it is your turn in other matches. MAG Interactive is still yet to have mastered the game’s notification system while you run other applications.

Regardless Ruzzle’s matches are sure to feed your competitive nature while producing hours of word searching fun. Test your skills among the growing population of players and see if you can rank on the leaderboards. 



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