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Ryder On The Storm #2 – Review

Ryder On The Storm continues! As we find out about Ryder’s past we also get to know that he isn’t human – but a Daemon. That’s right, Ryder is a Daemon. With the craziness just beginning, Ryder will hit some interesting points that will either do two things: Make you come for more or just leave here in issue 2. And let me warn you the stuff in issue two is really weird. Other than the weirdness in this issue Ryder’s past is touched on a bit more and more secrets are revealed about the Daemon’s intentions! Join writer David Hine and artist Wayne Nichols as they take you on a journey with a man deciding what he’s going to do with his life.

Short Version

Don’t read the end, don’t read the end, don’t read the END!!!

Long Version

Ryder on the Storm 2Just kidding, read the end you’ll get a lot of foresight if you just read the last part especially if you’ve been following the series since the previous issue. The second issue opens up with Ryder looking at his freshly created new hand. Also the cut off hand is infected. Katrina asks if he wants to throw it away, Ryder says he doesn’t because he grew an attachment to his hand.

Foreshadowing some insight on the Daemons and also some information about Charles Monk’s past, and why he’s fighting the Daemons continues in this issue. It also turns out that Michael was the brother of Ryder, that is until Michael killed himself (see past issue). It's also revealed that Charles Monk also killed Michael and Ryder’s real Daemon parents.

With the story getting more and more interesting with every page and  the character Ryder soon comes into contact with one of the head honchos of the Daemons - Rebecca Danton. This is where things start to get interesting. After Rebecca reveals information to Ryder about the Daemons being lead by someone with great power; she believes that Ryder is that person.

This second issue makes the first issue look like child’s play. When reading this issue, David Hine is really trying to get lots of information out before he finishes the series. With only one issue left, David Hine is digging deep. Revealing more information about Ryder’s past was a great step into making this issue better. Ryder is a really interesting character (I first want to say). David Hine has given Ryder a really great head start in the series, and has turned a lot of readers to this series. However, adding “certain” things in this would really throw some people off. Example, I don’t want to give any major spoilers, but I really thought it was weird how Katrina is some weird psycho girlfriend who likes to cut who she dates. That seemed weird to me.

David Hine is continually bringing more to Ryder’s story. Like I said before, he’s really trying to convey a lot of things before the third issue gets released in the spring, but he’s also still got a whole bunch of secrets that are just getting started. I like how he has been touching on certain things that most writers haven’t done yet. Like all writers, David is one of the great people who can create a mystery with an unlikely hero being and/or acting like the villain.Wayne Nichols is a great artist. His artwork is really realistic, and he really captures the expressions of each and every character.

Ryder On The Storm is one issue away from finishing (as I’ve said lots of times), and more insight will be coming in the next issue. Pick it up if you like mysterious characters like Ryder, and enjoy the series!

Story – 8.8

Artwork – 9.0

Writing 8.6

Overall – 8.8



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