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Saga #2 Advanced Review

After the terrifyingly amazing debut issue of Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ sci-fi epic, Saga, there were only two questions that popped into my mind. One: Why isn’t the next issue here yet?! And two: Can these two deliver like this again? While the former of the two was completely rhetorical, the latter actually was on my mind. There have been much too many times where a stellar first issue leads to a letdown, and I just didn’t want that to happen with Saga. Well, after reading issue two, I can safely say that Vaughan and Staples completely shattered any doubts I have had in my head. By truly letting their imaginations run wild and obviously having a great time doing it, Vaughan and Staples have made issue two of Saga just as stellar as the first, and that’s saying a lot.

For those who haven’t been caught up on Saga (which I highly disapprove of), here’s the skinny: Two star-crossed lovers named Marko and Alana, who are both from separate planets that are at war with each other, have a child named Hazel. Because of this act of treason against both of their respective planets, Marko and Alana are now fugitives trying to save Hazel. Enter issue two.

Continuing at the pace which he left off in issue one, Vaughan doesn’t let up for one second, not only expanding on the universe that he has created in Saga, but also expanding on each of the characters as well. Without trying to spoil too much (I’d much prefer if you just read it), we find Marko and Alana still searching in the forest for their escape route off the planet. Throughout this time, Vaughan

 really shines. Through his fantastic writing, we witness some witty and funny dialogue exchanged between the two lovers, which allows the characters to develop, and helps the reader grow closer to each of them. Not only do we become closer with our main duo, but we also meet a new character in this issue – The Stalk. The Stalk is a hired hand who’s objective is to subdue Alana and Marko and bring back Hazel alive. While we don’t get a full taste of what she’s all about in this issue, Vaughan gives us a big enough taste to let us know that you do NOT mess with The Stalk.

With that said, I must say that by the end of the issue, I found myself begging for more. This series has delivered on all ends thus far, and I can’t wait until the next issue. If it’s anything like the first two, I can easily see this being one of the best sci-fi/fantasy epics to graze the comic book realm in a very long time. Quite the statement, I know. But if this issue is any indicator of what’s to come in Saga, then we are in for quite the ride.Although the story continues to develop flawlessly thanks to Brian K. Vaughan’s excellent writing, I must say that Saga is definitely a two-person show, with Vaughan and Staples contributing equally. As I mentioned earlier, Vaughan’s writing gives us the opportunity to get to know the characters better with each issue, but Staples’ artwork is what has truly made me fall in love with Alana and Marko. Not only does each line deliver perfectly with each character, but each facial expression that is drawn is also spot on, which helps the read go much more smoothly. Each transition between frames is also noted, and there were never any awkward moments when reading. In short, Staples’ artwork is absolutely gorgeous, and complements Vaughan’s story perfectly



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