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Saints Row 3 for Fall 2011

Open-world, or “sandbox” gaming is among the most popular and enjoyed video game design concepts in recent times. These types of games typically feature large environments in which players are free to roam and explore—and participate in various quests that exist in various parts of the playable game world. These design elements started to become popular around the time Grand Theft Auto III and Knights of the Old Republic. Since this time, there have been countless games that have adopted the sandbox style game world with varying degrees of success. One of the best examples is the series known as Saints Row, which is notorious for it's over-the-top near limitless player customization and freedom.

saints row

The next game in the series, Saints Row 3 (and possible subtitle) has been slated for an unofficial release date this fall. While there hasn't been much official information released, there have been rumors of a different focal point and setting change. It is also possible that the game will not take place where the previous games did, the city of “Stilwater.” The game's development team claims that they will be “setting the bar” in the genre with Saints Row 3 so we can expect the same great game play along with a more polished and complete open-world gaming experience. With so many other developers using the same concept, it will surely be a tough task, but given the acclaimed success of the first two titles, Saints Row 3 will undoubtedly be a great addition to the franchise.


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