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Saints Row IV PAX East Demo Footage Released

Demo footage was released yesterday from the up and coming title, Saints Row IV. 

After being first shown at the PAX East gaming convention, developers Volition made the demo public on YouTube, which sees the head of the Saints reeking havoc on the city.

Having made his way to the top of the political ladder, the Saints leader is also known the President of USA, but that does not stop him from giving his loyal subjects a kick to the nuts or a Stone Cold Stunner.

In true Saints Row fashion however, the president has a lot more than his hands for weapons. The above video introduces a few new toys for players including a convention favourite known as the ‘Dubstep Gun’ and the ‘Inflator Rifle,’ which sees one poor soles head blow up like a balloon.

The demo also shows Mr. President upgrading and customizing his weapons, in this case a rocket launcher and unlike Saints Row: The Third, he changes the actual look of his gun as well as upgrading its components. A new alien opponent is also introduced as well as a Transformer type getup that you are able to get into and control.

Saints Row IV is set to be released in late August of this year and it will be available for Xbox 360 and PS3 as well as PC.


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