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Sam Worthington to star in “Quatermain” … along with everything else

Sam Worthington will be starring in Quatermain, a film about Allan Quatermain, the leading man in the books King Solomon's Mines and Allan QuatermainQuatermain is the first film in which Worthington has taken on producer duties; he will be co-producing with Smallville co-creators Miles Millar and Alfred Gough. The film does not yet have a director, but this re-telling will have a science-fiction twist: Quatermain comes to an abandoned Earth and goes on an adventure of epic proportions. 

Worthington recently starred in this year's Clash of the Titans, which has made over $450 million worldwide, as well as in last year's Avatar, the highest grossing film of all time. He also has two more films coming out this year: the drama Last Night and thriller The Debt. What's more, he is reported to be starring in The Fields, a thriller by Ami Canaan Mann, daughter of legendary Heat director Michael Mann. Details are sketchy, but Worthington also might be starring in The Candidate and Dracula Year Zero.

There are so many projects that Worthington has been attached to lately, which is no surprise because he's starred in so many A-List films that brought in huge revenue. It is quite interesting, considering that he was an unknown actor this time last year just prior to the release of Terminator: Salvation. Now he is all over Hollywood, jumping from project to project and even capable of dishing out the money to produce. Expect to see a lot of Worthington over the next several years.



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