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Samsung Galaxy S4 Reveal: T-Minus 7pm est

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There has been plenty of speculation about what the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will have on and under the hood, but come 7pm est via Radio City Music Hall, we will have the answers. The new leader in smartphone manufacturing is revealing the new device nearly two months before the 1-year anniversary of its S3 model. There have been reports and speculation about the new eye-tracking mechanism of the S4 that has tremendous implications about mobile marketing and device performance and I cannot wait to hear the facts about the function. These are interesting times in the mobile industry; as developers and manufacturers continue this epic push towards establishing a all-in-one handheld, the Galaxy S4 will be a device that redefines smartphones and ushers in another revolution, chased by Apple. This is great news to us, the consumers, because we will have better and more competitively priced devices at our choosing. Here are some leaked images of the device with legitimates on their way. As news develops and more information is provided, we will update you on the complete event this afternoon/evening. In the interim, watch the live stream below!

S4 Reported Images


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