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Samuel L. Jackson joins the cast for Cell film

Samuel L. Jackson seems to have his hands in many things these days from the upcoming Spike Lee film Oldboy, to the remake of the classic Robocop, to now the adaptation of the Stephen King apocalyptic thriller, Cell. Jackson will star opposite John Cusack in the project for The Genre Company and Benaroya Pictures.

Director Todd "Kip" Williams, whose credits include films like The Door in the Floor (2004) and Paranormal Activity 2 (2010), will be at the helm of the project, which is set to begin production early next year. Jackson will play former soldier and engineer, Tom McCourt who escapes from the city of Boston along with Cusack's character, Clay Riddell, after a pulse mysteriously transmitted by cell phones spreads like a virus among a large human population.

Sam Jackson

The adapted screenplay was written by Stephen King along with Adam Alleca, who also co-wrote the 2009 remake of The Last House on The Left. 

Benaroya's producing partner will be Richard Saperstein, who oversaw the film adaptations from King's previous works, 1408, which also starred John Cusack, and The Mist, during his time as president of Dimension Films. There has been no release date given for the project as of yet, but our curiosity is definitely piqued. What about you all out there? Excited for more of the new Jackson flick or should he be taking a break?


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