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“Saw” hacks into theaters, “Paranormal Activity” tires

Saw 3D took the franchise out with a respectable box office bow. The seventh and final film in the long running series chiseled an estimated $22.5 million out of the box office pie. An additional $1.7 million cut from Thursday midnight showings brought the final count to $24.2 million. Paranormal Activity, the newer and rival horror franchise dipped 59 percent since last week to land the runner up spot.

Saw 3D faced no new completion this week though one tiny little Oscar bait managed to slide into tenth place. Conviction, a story inspired by true events and starring Academy darling Hillary Swank snuck on the radar after a small expansion to more than 500 screens this weekend. That was good enough to garner $1.8 million to the picture’s $2.3 million total bounty.

Paranormal Activity bled hard but stayed viable. Red, Secretariat, and The Town had the smallest drops. Each shed around 28 percent this week. Though Jackass 3-D is dropping faster than its predecessors it still crossed the $100 million milestone this week. In typical Hollywood fashion a sequel is rumored to be in the works already.

 The Top Ten

  1. 1. Saw - $22.5M (weekend)…$24.2M (gross)
  2. 2. Paranormal Activity 2 - $16.5M…$65.6M
  3. 3. Red - $10.8M…$58.9M
  4. 4. Jackass 3-D - $8.4M…$101.5M
  5. 5. Hereafter - $6.3M…$22.1M
  6. 6. Secretariat - $5.0M…$44.7M
  7. 7. The Social Network - $4.7M …$79.7M
  8. 8. Life As We Know It - $4.0M…$43.4M
  9. 9. The Town - $1.9M…$87.6M
  10. 10. Conviction - $1.8M …$2.3M

One of this year’s most lucrative movies opens next week. Megamind is the first highly stylized and heavily marketed animated or family film to come along this season. After a string of flops in the children’s picture category, a grade A movie has finally entered the fray. The story of hero versus villain is voice starred by Brad Pitt, Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill, and Tina Fey. It has been heavily marketed to kids. In fact, the first five minutes of the movie were shown on Nickelodeon earlier in October.

DreamWorks Animation created the film for $160 and is expecting the Domestic haul to cover that and then some. In this particular timeframe DreamWorks has release Flushed Away (2006), Bee Movie (2007), and Madagascar: Escape to Africa (2008). Their openings were $18 million, $38 million, and $63 million respectfully. The studio has upped its stock year after year, though not to the level of Pixar. Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, and Monsters Vs. Aliens have been bright stars for the animators.

The role of Megamind was at one point offered to Robert Downey Jr. It just so happens he releases his newest comedy Due Date opposite the animated picture. The bromance costars Zach Galifianakis and Jamie Foxx. Billboards, mobile ads, and bus stops are strewn with posters for the flick. It cost a dwarfed $50 million to produce. Although it will likely come in second place, Due Date will bring in solid figures from men and boys looking for a pseudo Hangover.

For Colored Girls is Tyler Perry’s latest offering. Although he does not produce the typical Hollywood faire, Perry is successful in niche African American storytelling. The drama features a huge ensemble cast with Janet Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, and Thandie Newton featured prominently in advertising.  The R-rated drama is based on a 1975 play that resembles the narrative of The Vagina Monologues. This show hits 2000 cinemas. Megamind leads with 3500 locations followed by Due Date at 3200.


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