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Scarlet Spider #2 Review

Scarlet Spider has been one of my favorite series from Marvel in a long time even though there has only been two issues I can tell this series is going to be great. I have been a Kaine fan for a while now. Ever since he had been in the series Spider-girl I have always really liked his character. I was happy to hear that he would be the new Scarlet Spider because it just made sense. The original Scarlet Spider was the clone of Peter Parker named Ben Rielly. So, I thought it was a great idea for the new Scarlet Spider to be the mishap clone of Peter Parker.

In this issue of Scarlet Spider we get to see Kaine wanting to leave Texas and continue with his new life and go to Mexico. But trouble in Texas brings him back to the state to save a girl that he left behind. After he saves the girl from a man for firepowers the town loves the Scarlet Spider and wants him to stay.

The cover for this issue I thought was pretty good. I liked the art for the cover because it is the same art as inside of the issue, which I think fits the Scarlet Spider very well. I also really loved the concept of this cover because this is exactly what happens in the issue. We get to see Scarlet Spider fight his first villain with firepowers.

I personally loved this issue. I think something that made me enjoy the first and the second issue of this series so much was the narration told by Kaine. It shows that Kaine keeps fighting himself. Kaine really is his own worst enemy. He does not want to be a hero like Peter, but he wants to live his life that he could never live before. The series really does live up to its slogan “All of the Power, None of the Responsibility.” He does not want responsibility and he keeps telling himself that he does not need responsibility, but something keeps pulling him back. You can see that he has a conscience, but a lot of the time he does not want to listen to it. One of the reasons I think he does not want to be a hero is because he wants to be different from Spider-man, but than again he does not want to be a villain either. I think we will see a lot of Kaine trying to step away from Peter’s shadow through out this series.

I also love that this series knows how to hold personal conflict with Kaine and an adventure story. We had a pretty entertaining adventure story with a girl that is very similar to Kaine. One of the reasons I think he went back to help her was because she reminded him so much of Kaine’s past. I think we have not seen the last of this girl in this series. It could be interesting if he ends up having to take care of her and having to take care of someone other than himself. That may end up changing Scarlet Spider’s attitude towards being a hero.

The art for this issue I thought was great for the series. I think it was perfect for Scarlet Spider’s character. I also really loved the action scenes with this art they did a great job with it. I hope they stick with it for the rest of the series.

I can’t wait to read more from this series and see more of Scarlet Spider. I think this is a series that is going to be a perfect under the radar series. I just hope it get the same success as some of the other under the radar series like Venom did. I say pick this issue and series up. I hope this series gets the success that it deserves in the end.  






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