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Scorsese to Return to Crime with ‘The Snowman’

As if he weren’t already in the news enough over the rave reviews for his first kids' movie, Hugo, it’s been announced that Martin Scorsese has signed on to his next project, The Snowman. This newest effort from the Oscar-winning director is being developed by Working Title Films and is based on Norwegian author Jo Nesbo’s bestselling book.

With a title like that, fans of Scorsese’s peerless catalogue of crime-dramas might fear that he’s grown soft in his old age, but worry not. The seventh entry in Nesbo’s series of detective novels, The Snowman finds hard-drinking gumshoe and series star Harry Hole investigating a series of murders targeted against married mothers. The Hollywood Reporter notes that Scorsese has been eyeing the adaptation for a while now, but the final decision on the matter was up to Nesbo.

The script is in the hands of Matthew Michael Carnahan, whose last writing gig, World War Z, is currently in post-production, with a projected late 2012 release date. Scorsese and company could get a good reading of public lust for brutal Scandinavian murder mysteries with December’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, David Fincher’s adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s mega-selling Swedish book series.  


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