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Scorsese Wants ‘Silence’ For His Next Film

Fans of Martin Scorsese never know what to expect for his next project. He's expressed interest in a number of projects and become attached to many, so you never know, but it appears he's settled on Silence — for now. If you track Scorsese's every move then you've heard about this one already, but it's based on Shusako Endo’s novel about Jesuit missionaries facing persecution in feudal era Japan. He's been discussing the project ever since his his Oscar-winning effort The Departed back in 2007.  

Scorsese made his intent known on the British radio show Radio Five, stating that he is “hoping to do Endo’s book next... not hoping, we’re literally pulling all the elements together at this point.” If he gets his way, it sounds like it will put his most recently announced project, an adaptation of Norwegian thriller novel The Snowman, on the backburner.

If he wants his original cast though, Scorsese may have to wait a little longer; Bleedingcool highlights the busy schedule of intended star Daniel Day Lewis, who’s currently shooting Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. Benicio Del Toro and Gael García Bernal have also been linked to the film.

is just one of the many projects Scorsese has been talking up over the last few years, including a reteaming with Robert De Niro in The Irishman and a Frank Sinatra biopic. 


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