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Scott confirms two “Alien” prequels, both in 3-D

Just a couple of days ago we learned more details on Ridley Scott's planned Alien prequels, specifically that the story will take place 30 years before Alien and will deal with the mysterious Space Jockey that had been discovered. Now we learn that Scott has more than just that story to tell, as he told Collider that he actually has two prequels planned. Oh, and that it'll be shot in 3-D. Shocker!

Scott confirmed that he is only working on "prequel 1" right now, with no firm plans for "prequel 2" at this time.

That leads me to believe that maybe Scott won't direct the second part. It took quite a bit of negotiating to even get Scott to agree to be a part of this. At one point, Carl Erik Rinsch was attached to the project. Rinsch is a protege of sorts and a part of Scott's RSA production company. Is it possible that Rinsch could be brought back for the follow-up feature?  This is all speculation by me, but what is clear is that this isn't just a one-off project but a massive undertaking by the visionary director.


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