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Scott Pilgrim Vol. 6 Title Announcement

On Friday, March 19th, Oni Press announced the title and release date to the final chapter of the Scott Pilgrim series. Entitled Finest Hour the final chapter is sure to wrap up Bryan Lee O'Malley's story six years in the making. The release date is July 20, just one day before the start of San Diego Comic Con. I would look for this book to be a strong second week seller due to that fact, since most readers will probably be at the Con. Also at the Con will by Bryan Lee O'Malley, on hand to sign copies. O'Malley has said that this will be the best Scott Pilgrim ever, which is a bold statement to make before the books release. The book will be hitting comic shops and book stores at the same time, perhaps explaining the Tuesday release. I for one am really looking forward to this issue and secretly hope that Scott ends up as the newest evil boyfriend.


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