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Screenshots from Fallout “Old World Blues” DLC

I wish I could drink some delicious and refreshing beverage Nuka Cola while I play Fallout.  While you can't your hands on Nuka Cola, you will be able to buy some more Fallout, with the soon-to-be-released DLC pack Old World Blues.  It's available for download later this month. Here are some screenshots to quench your thirst for post-apocalyptic adventure.

Old World Blues sends wasteland wanderers into the Pre-War research centers of the Big Empty in search of old-timey technology like this heavy machine gun:

Players will come across pre-war defense systems like these robot scorpions as well:

Expect some new NPC pals and friendly robots:

Because it's Fallout, there will always be nice people who want to hit you with Sledgehammers:

And expect some new loot and fancy duds:

Originally scheduled for a June 2011 release, we can get our hands on Old World Blues July 19.  This is the third DLC pack for Fallout New Vegas, following Dead Money and Honest Hearts.  This pack and the upcoming Lonesome Road will cost 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE, or ten dollars on PSN and PC.


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