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‘Se7en’ Writer to Re-Team with Fincher for ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’

When David Fincher came aboard to direct a remake of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea for Disney, you already knew the project would be darker and have a kick-ass trailer. Now it looks like the project has recruited Andrew Kevin Walker, who wrote Fincher’s much-praised thriller Se7en, to pen the script based on the 1954 film.

Now that your ears are perked, Deadline breaks the news on a project that continues to baffle some, though Fincher has done this to us before. Just look at The Social Network. Disney is, well Disney, and Fincher is … incredibly not. Nobody can paint Walker as a rosy individual, having added Sleepy Hollow and The Wolfman to his resume since penning Fincher’s thriller about a serial killer whose crimes mirror the seven deadly sins — great film for the holidays.

It’s still not clear where Disney is looking to go with the Fincher and Walker pairing, but we wouldn’t expect such a dark combination to inspire any new rides at Disneyland. Fincher is currently wrapping post-production for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and is a name floating around several projects currently, but with Walker being brought onto “Sea,” it could be taken for a clear sign that Fincher is focusing next on Disney’s (unusual) remake.


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