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Season 4 Arrow Lair Revealed

This week The CW released concept art showing fans what the Arrow Lair will look like for the new season. In season 4 of Arrow it seems that the show will be pulling from its comic book roots a bit more. Starling City will now will be called Star City and Oliver Queen will no longer be called Arrow but instead Green Arrow. arrowlair-147539 This new lair also seems like a step in the right direction in honoring the show's comic book source material. The lair has now added a conference room/glass table. You may have seen a similar set up in the Justice Society and Justice League Pre-New 52 titles. There is also an added garage where our heroes can store their motorcycles and vehicles. Katie Cassidy has already teased that Laurel would be getting a motorcycle this season,  which Black Canary is known for using in the comic books. I also like the addition of more glass cases for our heroes' costumes. In the previous lair they only had two glass cases, one for Roy and the other for Oliver. Then of course Felicity still has her high tech gear to help Ollie and the team on missions. I am glad they made that look even fancier this season. I really like the updates to the cave. It's great to see that Arrow is not afraid to be a comic book show anymore. Tell us your thoughts on the lair in the comments below.


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