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Secret World CEO Steps Down

As you may or may not know a new sort of MMO is coming to our PCs as of this week named The Secret World. As this modern-oriented game hits the shelves tomorrow, the Funcom CEO, Trond Arne Aas, steps down from his position. The plan is to take a more passive role in development of the game. Replacing him is the company’s previous COO Ole Schreiner.  Aas’s opinion is that the “company’s financial position is strong and the foundation of the company’s long-term product and technology strategy is in place.” Aas plans on remaining committed to the company as a more passive employee and shareholder.

To anyone who is familiar with the MMO industry, this is a large red flag. MMOs have a horrible track record of being developed, hyped, sold, and then abandoned once the rush of impulse release day buyers/subscribers is over. What does this mean for the future of The Secret World? Perhaps Ole Schreiner will take the game to new heights or maybe its just destined to fall in line like the rest of the MMOs standing in the shade of World of Warcraft. Not much can be said since the game was released just today, but many of us MMO lovers are crossing our fingers hoping for something new to chew on for a while.



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