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Section 8: Prejudice Preview

Section 8 was a bit of a missed gem of 2009 to me. It was a solid objective-based FPS with some really cool new mechanics that hadn’t been seen before. Prior to this, Timegate wasn’t really a big name in the gaming industry, sure they had released the Kohan RTS games and some F.E.A.R. expansions but Section 8 could be seen as their play for the Science Fiction FPS market that Halo was exiting. The sequel Section 8: Prejudice looks to build upon those fun mechanics of the original but is also going to add truckloads more content and slice the price of the game down to $15.

The original Section 8 featured a rather unique spawning mechanic that no other game has yet to replicate. When you spawned you shot down from orbit in a drop pod, you got to directly control your descent and this gave you much more choice on how to enter the battlfield and all but eliminated spawn camping. This was just an example of how as a whole, it gave you much more freedom than other FPS games do, and Section 8: Prejudice seems determined to continue that tradition.

In Section 8: Prejudice you take control of space marine Captain Alexander Corde who was the protagonist of the first game. On Prejudice you join him as he races to unravel a conspiracy that is crucially interlinked with the events of the previous game. The story doesn’t look to be the selling point of Prejudice but from all indications it is a longer and more enjoyable single player campaign than the original had. 

The core gameplay of Section 8: Prejudice looks to be the same as its predecessor, which featured open areas with large-scale warfare and dynamically changing missions similar to what the upcoming Brink will be offering. Players go around the map completing objectives and scoring kills, which will earn them points that can be spent on dropping in vehicles, turrets and mechs to aid in their cause.

As with the original, the game runs on Unreal Engine 3 and, as you would expect, the graphics are sharp and really support Prejudice's unique look.


The key thing that TimeGate are hoping to achieve with Section 8: Prejudice is to hook in gamers who missed out on the previous one, and they aim to do this by giving gamers more content per dollar than almost any other first person shooter ever. 

The multiplayer has been built upon in almost every way, there are new customizable weapons, a hoverbike vehicle and a powerful pulse cannon for you to utilize in destroying your foes. TimeGate have also added new ‘finisher-kill animations’ similar to the assassinations in Halo: Reach. The game is also going to feature a wave-based survival mode called Swarm which will allow you and several friends to hold out against waves of enemies in a variety of maps.

Section 8 : Prejudice is set to be released on the 5th of May for PC gamers via Steam, but has already been released for Xbox Live and will be getting a PSN release in Summer 2011 for the nifty pricetag of $15.


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