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Seth Gabel Joins Fringe Full-Time

It’s a happy day for Fringedom! Okay, so I made that word up but there really is some good news for fans of the Fox sci-fi series Fringe. Following the renewal of the show for a fourth season, Seth Gabel, aka Lincoln Lee in both universes, has signed onto the show as a series regular. It isn’t yet know which Lincoln will be shown the most.



Given how Peter brought the two universes together in the finale in order for them to work together to solve their impending destruction, it seems more likely that “over there's” fully fledged Fringe agent Lincoln is more useful to the story and would also plausibly be able to interact with “our” more prominent characters.

Aside from his now co-starring role in Fringe, Gabel has appeared in shows like Dirty Sexy Money and Nip-Tuck, as well as a host of feature films from The Da Vinci Code to Jonah Hex. Whether or not his pedigree is a good addition to the show is really down to personal preference, but given how the third season turned out for Lincoln, things appear to be on the up!


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