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Seth Rogen gets scholarship to DreamWorks’ “Boo U”

It looks as if Seth Rogen is quickly becoming a favorite over at DreamWorks Animation. Following up his role as B.O.B. in Monsters vs. Aliens and Mantis in in Kung Fu Panda, Rogen will voice a ghost in their next project, Boo U.

Boo U
will tell a story akin to Pixar's
Monsters, Inc. of a ghost who must return to university in order to become a creepier apparition. The project will be in 3D and directed by Tony Leondis who helmed Igor with John Cusack back in 2008.

DreamWorks’ films have shown a significant increase in quality recently, in particular with this year How to Train Your Dragon. We will see if this boost will continue with their Will Ferrel voiced Megamind which hits theatres this November with the follow-up to Kung Fu Panda and a “Shrek” spin-off Puss in Boots both set for 2011 releases.



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