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The Settlers: Kingdoms Of Anteria Gameplay & Beta Details

Ubisoft and developers Blue Byte have today revealed gameplay details for the upcoming new PC-only instalment in their long running Settlers series, The Settlers: Kingdoms of Anteria. Kingdoms will combine city building with more action-focused real-time strategy gameplay and character customization. Through smart optimization of their economy and production players will be able to expand their own kingdom all the way from a small town to a sprawling city made up of various sectors.
The strategy side of the gameplay will have you fighting various foes and bosses in a tactical style reminiscent of the X-Com series. Characters will be able to specialize in a champion class and skill set of your choice, leveling up and along the way earning resources and loot.
There will also be co-op fun to be had with up to three friends online. You and your mates can adventure together in the strategy layer or trade resources with each other to augment your supply chain and economy.  With this flexibility in co-op gameplay Ubisoft are emphasizing players will be able to focus on which half of the game they prefer should they find themselves enjoying one more than the other.
There is no date yet for Kingdoms of Anteria but the game will be at the upcoming Gamescom convention in Germany. There will also be a closed beta launching soon, those interested to get into the beta can sign up at http://www.thesettlers.com/.
Does the combination of strategy and city building elements Kingdoms is offering excite you? Be sure let us know in the comments.


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