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Sex Criminals Volume One To Be Released In Trade Paperback

Next month, Image Comics’ most controversial and unapologetic title will be released in trade paperback for the first time. Sex Criminals is notable for many things, among which is being banned by Apple, for the release party being held at a strip club, for the first issue being reprinted six times—oh, and for being Time’s best comic book of the year. When Suzie has an orgasm, time stands still—literally. She calls this temporal limbo, “the quiet.” All her life, orgasms led to isolation, to her partner frozen in time while she’s free to move about. That is, until she meets Jon, a guy who not only shares her interests, but her gifts as well. What do they do in “the quiet?” Of course, they rob banks. What else?


  Written by Eisner Award-winning author Matt Fraction (Hawkeye, Uncanny X-Men), and illustrated by Chip Zdarsky (Prison Funnies), Sex Criminals is raunchy and crude on the surface with a human story of love and self-discovery at the center. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of crime as well. Sex Criminals might not be for all ages, but it’s honest, hilarious, and touching all at the same time. Sex Criminals Volume One will hit comic book retailers on April 16th, and bookstores everywhere on April 29th. At $9.99, you couldn’t get a better deal unless you stopped time with your orgasm and walked right into stores and stole it off the shelf!


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