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Sexy Improved 360 Controller En Route

Microsoft announced a brand new version of their wireless 360 controller today. The new model features a sleek look as well as more importantly an improved D-Pad. It looks like our gamer prayers have finally been answered. The improved D-Pad can easily switch from the regular disk pad into the more classic "plus sign" pad with only a very simple twist.

The actual controller looks similar to existing wireless controllers which is smart, Microsoft seems to have the "if it's not broken, don't fix it" mentality. Most noticeably of all is the lack of color on the ABXY buttons. Dubbed "Cool Grey" by Xbox Live's Major Nelson, the new wireless 360 controller's buttons showcase different shades of grey instead of red, blue, yellow and green.

The new controller will come bundled exclusively with the Play and Charge kit and will retail for $64.99. 360 fans can expect to find this for sale on store shelves November 9th (Early 2011 for UK), but if you can't stand the wait, find a way to get to Seattle this weekend for the Penny Arcade Expo where there will be tons of hands on with the new controller.



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