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Shawn Levy to direct James Cameron-produced “Fantastic Voyage” in 3D

Shawn Levy will direct the upcoming 3-D sci-fi remake of the Fantastic Voyage, which will be produced by James Cameron. Deadline Hollywood reports that directors Darren Aronofsky, Louis Leterrier, and Timur Bekmambetov each discussed the project with Cameron upon Paul Greengrass’s departure from the director’s seat. Fantastic Voyage is based on the 1966 film of the same name, which focused on shrunken scientists trying to save the life of a colleague.

Obviously this is a commercial project, as Levy has never been a big critical favorite, but helmed big hits such as the Cheaper by the Dozen remake, Night at the Museum, and last year's comedy Date Night.

However, the success of his pictures probably comes more from the performances of A-list stars than Levy himself. For instance, much of the hype for his latest film Real Steel comes from the star power of Hugh Jackman. Given Levy’s penchant for casting big-name talent in significant if not leading roles, expect big names to get cast in “Voyage.”

The attachment of James Cameron’s name should bring even more fiscal success to this film, but then again, we thought the same thing about the recent bomb Sanctum. Levy is currently on board for another action flick with Jackman and a film adaptation of Deadliest Warrior, the popular series on Spike TV.

How do you feel about Shawn Levy directing Fantastic Voyage?


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