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Shawn Levy Wants Will Smith to Lead His ‘Fantastic Voyage’

It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard anything substantial about the 20th Century Fox remake of Fantastic Voyage. Director Shawn Levy has been attached to the director’s chair for the better part of 2011, but sources indicate that the project’s lack of movement might see Levy leaving the helm.

Levy’s stance on whether or not to ditch this “Voyage,” though, seemingly depends on the actor who leads the film. If Levy gets what he wants, an A-list actor to lead the project, then it’s very likely that he’d stay on board. If that doesn’t happen, though, he’ll probably leave this film to check out some other projects.

The Hollywood Reporter
relays that he’ll meet with A-list leading man Will Smith within the next few weeks. Considering his box-office chops and lauded acting ability, it looks like Levy might continue his allegiance to Fantastic Voyage and get his wish after all.

So, would Will Smith an awful choice for this film, or would he be a fantastic one?


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