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“Sherlock Holmes 2” set for December 2011

With a worldwide gross of nearly $517 Million, Sherlock Holmes was one of the most popular films of 2009. With this success a sequel was quickly commissioned. Now Barry Meyer, Chairman and CEO of Warner Brothers, has confirmed Sherlock Holmes 2 will be released in mid-December 2011, with the aim to capitalize yet again on the popular Christmas season.

There is no word on the story yet, but Rachel McAdams has been confirmed to at least appear in the film. It will also likely focus on Moriarty, Holmes’ arch-nemesis. Guy Richie, the director of Sherlock Holmes, is currently writing a story and his career rehabilitation continues with strength after RocknRolla and Sherlock Holmes. But his planned RocknRolla trilogy is possibly now on the back burner.

Warner Brothers also plans to release Harry Potter and the Deadly Harrows Part II, Green Lantern and The Hangover 2 in 2011. It should be a bumper year for the studio, which tends to do well year in and year out anyway.

Meyer has also confirmed that the studio will be focusing on more DC Comics adaptations with The Flash movie on the edge of getting the green light. He will be the fourth major DC hero after Batman, Superman and Green Lantern to get his own feature.


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