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Shipping In August – Moonstone Books

August isn't looking to be a heavy release month for Moonstone, but what they've got looks interesting. I'm looking forward to the return of the Justice Machine and the continuation of Heap. There's also going to be some pretty cool looking 2012 calenders released that month and I'm betting Buckaroo Banzai becomes the first choice of a lot of people. Check out the covers and release info below.

OBJECT OF POWER #1 (of 3) 

Story: Mark Ellis
Art: David Enebral, Mar Degano
Cover: Jeff Slemons
32pgs, color, $3.99

THE JUSTICE MACHINE IS BACK! The legendary super-team returns on the 30th anniversary of their 1981 debut! The Justice Machine fought to destroy tyranny on two worlds--but nearly twenty years ago they vanished, never to be seen again. Until now! The Machine's explosive return plunges them into a nightmarish landscape of two realities warring for dominion! The team races to thwart a dark destiny awaiting all humanity if they fail to stop an unspeakable evil from gaining a foothold to the future! The gears of justice roll on in a new miniseries by best-selling SFauthor Mark (Doc Savage, Outlanders) Ellis, David (Batman/Superman, Infinity, Inc,) Enebral and Mar (Atomik Mike) Dégano!

The Justice Machine #1
ROTTEN TPB vol.2: Revival of the Fittest
Mark Rahner, Robert Horton, Dan Dougherty

156pgs, squarebound, 7”x10”, color, $15.99
ISBN: 978-1-936814-08-4


One of the most acclaimed independent comics of 2010, the ROTTEN saga continues with "Revival of the Fittest": on assignment to investigate an undead outbreak in the Pacific Northwest of 1877, Agent Wade becomes the quarry in a grueling marathon chase; and in Chicago, Agent Flynn confronts dangerous anti-evolution protestors. In "Love the Sinner"/"Hate the Sin," the agents race to stop the infection that's turning residents of a religious colony red-skinned, ravenous - and possessed, according to the familiar-looking Father von Becker who's seized control.

(collects issues #7-11)

"A great new take on the zombie horror genre that is smart, grim and gritty." -Hypergeek
**O/A:  Rotten Vol.1 TPB

Rotten TPB vol 2 Cover
(W) Steven L Frank and pals (A) Various 

Four awesome stories that are sure to make you laugh and cry! Easily the greatest 21 letter titled comic in history- that has zombies and cheerleaders! Featuring a Mandy cover by Dean Yeagle! Also, covers by Jeremy Dale, Rich Bonk and Jose Jaro.  32pgs, color, $3.99

Zombie vs Cheerleaders #4 Cover D
Story: Steven Grant, Paul Kupperberg

Art: Manuel Martin, Fernando Peniche
Color: Jason Jensen
Covers: Mike Lilly, Ron Frenz
72pgs,color, $6.99

THRICE the Action, as Captain Action’s Season 2 concludes with two new episodes of the new Captain Action & Action Boy plus a new Captain Action Classified spy thriller! Though presumed dead, Captain Action’s actually in the secret city of Aggartha, getting a history lesson they don’t teach in schools in “Journey thru the Past” Then it’s an international catfight as the USA vs. the UK! Lady Action battles Liberty, of the sinister new super-team, Patriot Power! As the intrigue builds to a crescendo, everyone’s asking, “Where is Captain Action?” And in this lost tale from the psychedelic sixties, the original Captain Action is embroiled in a CIA black op.

Captain Action Special 2 Cover
Story: Charles Knauf

Art: Sami Kivela
Colors: Ken Wolak
Cover: Mark Maddox
32pgs, color, $3.99

The return of the original muck-monster concludes! Join CHARLES (Iron Man) KNAUF as he takes the HEAP on a journey of self-discovery through Norse magics and mythology, while sorting through the horrors of Nazi mayhem! It is time for Midgard’s last defender to arise, amidst the devastation and inhumanity of World War 2.

The Heap #3 Cover
HONEY WEST calendar:  
8.5” x 11”, spiral bound , 12 month, b/w, gorgeous photos of the incomparable Anne Francis, as well as the new Honey West: Hollis Mclachlan! $11.99

Honey West 2012 Calender Cover
8.5” x 11”, spiral bound, 12 month , color: Show your Blue Blazer pride letting Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers brighten your wall! $16.99

Buckaroo Banzai 2012 Calender Cover
KOLCHAK calendar
8.5” x 11”: spiral bound , 12 month ,color. The Night Stalker in 12 creepy predicaments! $16.99

Kolchak The Night Stalker 2012 Calender Cover
SHEENA calendar
8.5” x 11”: spiral bound ,12 month , a gorgeous b/w  photo calendar of Irish McCalla, TV’s Sheena! $11.99

ROTTEN calendar:
8.5” x 11”: spiral bound , 12 month ,color. -get your oozing zombies for 12 months in a row! $16.99

Rotten 2012 Calender Cover


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