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Shipping in August – Zenescope

Ah Zenescope solicits. One thing I'll give them is that they are the kings of covers. And that E. Bas character knows his way around the female form! If you're interested in these books for more than the covers then enjoy a rather large month of comics from Zenescope with new books like Dino StrikeForce and Terminal Alice. Personally I'm still waiting for FLY.

Brimstone Issue #4: River of Black Blood

Brian McCarthy & Michael Lent (W)
Hyunsang Michael Cho (A)
Cover A Anthony Spay
The Viper leads a trio into the darkness where armies of flesh-walkers will ambush them amid gleaming caverns of gold. Their escape is nothing short of miraculous, but the three do not go unscathed. When the mine entrance is blasted and sealed against the undead hordes, the Viper is nearly blown to bits following a double-cross. Celebration of the trio's successful return to Brimstone is short lived as one of the trio becomes infected.
32 pgs, FC, $3.25

Brimstone #4 Cover
Charmed Issue #13: Piper's Place

An all new Charmed one-shot!
Paul Ruditis (W)
Reno Maniquis (A)
Cover A David SeidmanCover B Photo Cover

Owning a restaurant of her very own has been Piper's dream for years. Now it's finally real. Opening night is a huge success and she's the talk of the town, but the additional workload--along with the magical turmoil of late--has taken a toll on her family life. A child's misguided spell has disastrous results as Piper learns whether or not she can truly have it all while she copes with a situation that would leave other moms quaking in their shoes.
32 pgs, FC, $3.50

Dino StrikeForce Issue #1

Joe Brusha (W)
Cover A John Toledo
Cover B Marat Michaels
Awakened from his 65 million year hibernation, the evil alien overlord Zalex is ready to resume his conquest of the universe and he's starting with the earth. Backed by his army of evil, mutated Dino-soldiers there's nothing that can stop him....nothing but Dino StrikeForce! Don't miss the seminal issue in the first original series under Zenescope's Silver Dragon Books imprint. *All ages*
32 pgs, FC, $2.99

Fly Issue #3

Raven Gregory (W) Eric J (A)
Cover A Eric Basaldua
Cover B Darick Robertson
Cover C Eric J
Retailer Incentive Eric Basaldua
"Written with brutality and mystery fly is a saga that shouldn't be missed." – IGN
Eddie's world begins to unravel as his choices have come back to haunt him. With blood on his hands, Eddie tries to find some semblance of a normal life but finds that is easier said then done. Meanwhile, the mysterious super-powered being unleashes a terrifying vengeance that will change Francis's life forever. Featuring covers by superstar artists Ebas (Witchblade, Ultimate Fantastic Four), Eric J (JLA, Rex Mundi), and Darick Robertson (The Boys). As an added bonus, retailers who order 20 copies of A, B, or C will receive a free Ebas "naughty" variant of cover A. Don't miss the series that critics are raving about!
32 pgs, FC, $2.99

Grimm Fairy Tales The Dream Eater Saga Part 10- Grimm Fairy Tales #64

Raven Gregory (W)
James Patrick (W)
Cover A Marat Mychaels
Cover B Ale Garza
Sela and Belinda take a breathtaking journey to find the one being who might be able to stop the Dream Eater, it's very creator known as The Innocent. But will this enigmatic being help our heroes or let them fall to the powerful and unyielding terror that is Dream Eater? Part 10 of the crossover event that will change everything is here!
32 pgs, FC, $2.99

Grimm Fairy Tales The Dream Eater Saga Part 11- Inferno One-Shot

Raven Gregory (W)
Cover A Stjepan Sejic
Cover B Nei Ruffino
Sela and Belinda journey to the underworld realm of the Inferno in search of the final missing piece of their plan to defeat the Dream Eater. But that piece happens to be the Dark One himself. Meanwhile, Mercy Dante is searching after the Dark One too and cannot afford to let anything stand in her way. Part 11 of the event that will change everything is here!
32 pgs, FC, $2.99

Grimm Fairy Tales The Dream Eater Saga Part 12: Ever After, The Conclusion

Raven Gregory (W) Robert Viacava (A)
Cover A Eric Basaldua
Cover B Fan Yang
Cover C Angel Medina
The epic 48 page conclusion to the Dream Eater Saga is HERE! A battle for the ages begins as heroes and the villains from the Grimm Universe must band together in order to have any chance at defeating a being of incredible power. But someone is plotting to save him or herself and an act of betrayal will have drastic consequences on them all. Do not miss this final issue of the Zenescope crossover that will have fans talking for years!
48 pgs, FC, $5.99

Grimm Fairy Tales 2011 Annual- Part 1 of 3

Dan Wickline (W)
Cover A Ale Garza
Baba Yaga has long planned her revenge against the Dark One. Ever since he murdered her family when she was a child she has been consumed by her quest to destroy him. Now with Belinda at her side she has begun to gather the pieces to put her plan for vengeance in motion and the next piece lies not in our time but far in the past with one of the world's most famous adventurers...an adventurer that goes by the name of Sinbad.
48 pgs, FC, $5.99

Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 10 Trade Paperback

Joe Brusha & James Patrick (W)
Cover A Romano Molenaar
The city of Tallus is under siege by Orcus and his army and Sela and her companions, Bolder the dwarf, and the Realm Knight Blake, find themselves trapped inside. Outnumbered and overpowered by Orcus' minions, it seems only a matter of time until the city falls. But Tallus holds a great secret and before the final battle is decided two age old powers of Myst will return...an ancient evil will rise and nature's most powerful force will stand against it in a conflict that may well decide the fate of Myst itself. Volume 10 of this long running hit independent series includes the classic fairy tale Diamonds and Toads and encompasses the entire Mother Nature story arc.
172 pgs, FC, $15.99

Grimm Fairy Tales Presents The Library Issue #2

Joe Brusha (W)
Cover A Joe Pekar
Cover B Marat Mychaels
Transported to the imaginary worlds that they have opened in the Library, Sela and her brother struggle to escape the dangers they encounter there...the dangers of ancient Greece and earth's Jurassic period that have magically come to life. Just when the two have given up, hope help arrives in the form of the greatest hero of mythology. But will even Hercules have the strength to save them from the combined might of a Minotaur and a T-Rex? Jurassic and mythological worlds collide in this can't miss issue! *All ages*
32 pgs, FC, $2.99

Grimm Myths & Legends Issue #8

Raven Gregory & James Patrick (W)
David Miller (A)
Cover A Ale Garza
Cover B Pasquale Qualano
The brand new LITTLE MERMAID story arc begins! The search for the false-bloods that may change the fate of the war on earth continues... An orphan teen has spent her life alone and on the run with no home to call her own. But when the call of the ocean takes her on a journey abroad, she will find that her destiny might just take her places she could never have imagined. The first issue of the new story-arc, The Little Mermaid, begins here. Don't miss the hottest new series from Zenescope Entertainment.
32 pgs, FC, $2.99

Jump Start Graphic Novel

Neo & Adira Edmund (W)
Cover by Caravan Studios
From the award-winning educational software and kid favorite gaming website Jumpstart.com, arrives the first ever Graphic Novel from JumpStart and Knowledge Adventure! Come visit Windy
Hollows and follow our group of adventurers: Logan, Maggie, Nicolas, Selena and Poe as they arrive at Oakcrest School of Magic. They discover their teacher absent with a note left behind, "Will be back soon. Read your lesson books and DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!" Follow them as they venture into Windy Hollows and embark on a series of quests to undo a potion that went terribly wrong. Bonus Sticker Pages...create your own comic with the JumpStart friends! *All ages*
80 pgs, FC, $5.99

Salem's Daughter The Haunting Issue #2

Ralph Tedesco (W)
Cover A Eric Basaldua
Cover B Marat Mychaels
As Anna and Braden delve into the mysterious demonic possessions in town, an exorcism of a young teen is a priority. But something goes awry and Anna knows that this spirit is more powerful than she could have imagined. The series that the Philadelphia Daily News called "one of the year's best" has returned with a brand new story arc that will leave you breathless!
32 pgs, FC, $2.99

Terminal Alice Graphic Novel

Jeffery Kaufman (W)
Marco Turini (A)
James Brown (C)
Cover by Joe Benitez
Alex, Laura, Illena, Cara and Eve (ALICE), are five female contract killers forced to work together to stay alive and cancel the million dollar bounties placed on each of their heads. With a body count almost equaling the page count, Terminal Alice's barrier free combination of sex, violence and intrigue will keep you guessing until the final page. Who says you can't go with a smile.
104 pgs, FC, $9.99


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