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Shooters You Should Play Instead of Battlefield 3: Operation Flashpoint

 Welcome to our third installment in our Shooters You Should Play Instead of Battlefield 3. Be sure to  check out the first, second or third installments if you haven't. 

With each year, games are getting easier and easier. Becoming far less realistic and catering to the scrubs of the gaming world. It’s not our fault that they can’t manage to get a simple headshot but is their fault that games like Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 are becoming more like rollercoasters and less like the authentic military experiences that they are meant to be. This forces real gamers to look further and harder for real military games. 

Operation Flashpoint has had some relatively good recent entries (Dragon Rising and Red River) but the original Cold War Crisis is not only the best game of the series, but much better than the upcoming Battlefield 3 will probably be.

Battlefield 3
is going to run on the powerful new Frostbite Engine and feature highly advanced destruction, physics and sound technology.  All the resources that DICE put towards making Battlefield 3 one of the best looking games on the market have been wasted because they could have been put towards making Battlefield 3 giving Battlefield 3 more realistic gameplay. While Operation Flashpoint doesn’t have fancy-shmancy graphics technology on its side, all of its developers time and effort has gone into making it the best and most realistic gameplay on the FPS market.

Another reason that Operation Flashpoint is a better use of your gaming time than Battlefield 3 is because Battlefield 3 encourages fake teamwork. While DICE might claim that the focus of Battlefield 3 is on team gameplay, the sad truth is that people playing Battlefield 3 rarely go for the team objective. Each player on your team is usually out for themselves, trying to harvest as many kills as they can in order to get unlocks as fast as they possibly can. In comparison, when you play Operation Flashpoint multiplayer. Every single one of your team-mates is fully committed to working as a team because they know that if they don’t everyone will die. Thats real teamwork right there and another demonstration of how Operation Flashpoint is more realistic than Battlefield 3.

The final indication that Battlefield 3 is just never going to match up to the standard of realistic gameplay that Operation Flashpoint offers is that it launches via a web browser.  I would have thought EA knew by now that real games launch via a menu, not a damn webpage.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the penultimate installment in our series of Shooters You Should Play Instead of Battlefield 3, Bulletstorm.


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