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Man Shoots Girlfriend Over Walking Dead Dispute

Gurman has been charged with the attempted murder of his girlfriend. That would be terrible in its own right, but what makes this story even more shocking is the topic of discussion: The Walking Dead television show. During the early morning of December 3rd a 26-year-old at Williamson Park in Long Island, NJ, a man by the name of Jared Gurman shot his girlfriend of three-and-a-half years because of a fight over The Walking Dead television show. Jared Gurman shoots Girlfriend over Walking Dead Dispute Specifically, according to Nassau County Detective Lt. Raymond Cote, “He felt very adamant there could be a military mishap that would result in some sort of virus being released that could cause a terrible thing to happen.” When his girlfriend disagreed and said there could never be a zombie apocalypse, the dispute began.  You can’t even say it was a spur of the moment thing. Gurman and his girlfriend were arguing and his girlfriend decided to drop him off at home when it became more heated. But Gurman continued to text her angry messages. Worried, his girlfriend returned home to make sure he was alright and was met on the steps with a .22-caliber rifle.  After being shot and begging for her life, Gurman took his girlfriend to the hospital. He first lied to the police, telling them the shooting was “accidental,” but then confessed. In Gurman’s statement to the cops of that night, he said “I was just being an asshole. I told her to get out of here. I gave an angry jolt with the gun, pointing it straight at her and fired one shot.” Unsurprisingly, Gurman says he often struggles coping with reality because, he says, “I am paranoid when I drink and when I am sober.” “My girlfriend … knows I have all these feelings and she tries to help me with them,” Gurman continued tin his statement. The supposed country club cook (which is information from his Facebook page) also tacked on “I feel like I am an underappreciated person. I should be making more money at work.”  Yeah, tell that to your girlfriend, Jessica Gelderman, who wound up in the hospital with a pierced lung, a shattered rib and a pierced diaphragm from the shooting. She is in stable condition while Gurman is in a jail cell without bail.     Of course there will probably be several people saying The Walking Dead made him do it, but this was a crime committed by someone who clearly has problems that go deeper than just a fascination with the zombie apocalypse. Jared Gurman and Jessica Gelderman


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