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Showtime Finds Writer and Executive Producer for Adaption of 100 Bullets.

Showtime has signed David S. Goyer to both pen and produce a new show being adapted from the comic series 100 Bullets. Goyer's writing credits include working with Christopher Nolan on his Batman films; including the the newest installment, The Dark Knight Rises, which will be released in 2012. He also wrote all three of the Blade films, so it's safe to say the man is familiar with a comic adaption. His production credits on the small screen aren't as glamorous. However, having created several shows that never made it out of their first year. Including Flashforward, on which he also served as a writer and co-creator.

The comic written by Brian Azzarello and illustrated by Eduardo Risso ran from August of 1999 to April 2009. It garnered critical acclaim and several awards from both the Harvey and Eisner Awards. 100 Bullets is a story about a one man conspiracy to take out rich and influential families secretly controlling the world. It also poses a question of morality, as the main character -the mysterious Agent Graves- goes about his task by giving the victims of hardship the opportunity to take their revenge by murdering the people that wronged them.

100 Bullets will join other Showtime originals such as; Weeds, which just premiered its seventh season, and Dexter whose sixth season debuts this fall. As well as two series just coming out of their freshman seasons, The Borgias and Shameless.


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