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Showtime Working on ‘Under the Dome’ Project with Steven Spielberg and Stephen King

According to The Wrap, Showtime has confirmed an adaptation of Stephen King's 2009 novel Under the Dome is being developed for the network by Steven Spielberg and the author himself.

Under the Dome is a supernatural thriller set in a small town in Maine, Chester’s Mill, suddenly surrounded by an invisible dome. The event itself has terrible consequences, but it soon appears human frailty is about to make things even darker. The series is to be produced by DreamWorks TV, who optioned the book in 2009, and will have Steven Spielberg as one of the executive producers.

Spielberg and King previously teamed up in 2006 on the adaptation (for TNT) of the bestselling author's novel The Talisman.

With the successes of AMC's The Walking Dead, HBO's Game of Thrones and TNT's Falling Skies, Showtime is without a doubt looking to get its share of the big genre shows cake.


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