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“Silent Hill” film sequel moving forward

Though it feels longer (or I'm just getting old), it was only 2006 when the Silent Hill film hit theaters and left without making much of an impression, certainly not one that left fans and newcomers begging for more. Still, the movie grossed (nearly) $100 million worldwide and given its fairly inexpensive budget, a sequel seemed all but inevitable for Columbia Pictures. However, given troubles that came after the film's release, notably with original screenwriter Roger Avery's jailing, the project seemed at a standstill.

Now, Empire is reporting the sequel, titled Silent Hill: Revelations, has not only a director in Michael J. Bassett (Solomon Kane) but a shooting schedule set sometime in the coming winter.

Bassett tells Empire “It's early days, and I'm keeping details of the plot secret for now, but it's going to be a sequel to the first film whilst trying to remain true to the plot of game 3, and will also work as a stand-alone movie for people who don't know the series." Further, Bassett explains his desire to have many of the production crew of the first film return for the sequel and that he has also taken over the duties of screenwriter due to Avery's imprisonment.

Bassett speaks that writing the script was difficult, stating his “choices may not please everyone, but the ambition is to give the audience a twisted, intense and terrifying experience.” This can lead to wild speculation as to what exactly is in the script that will not please everyone.

Rumors about the project are already beginning to pick up steam, notably that the sequel may revolve around
Silent Hill 3 protagonist Heather Mason. Whether we will see Pyramid Head or the Nurses (because if there is Silent Hill, there have to be Nurses) or the first film's protagonist Rose remain to be seen.

The franchise has always been different than something like the “Resident Evil” franchise, “Evil” being far more action oriented. In the “Silent Hill” world, you're not meant to fight, but run. For now, best to wait and hope for a film sequel that can provide far more atmosphere than its predecessor: something the series is well-known and respected for in the gaming world.


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