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Silent Hill HD and Downpour Dated

It appears that the Silent Hill HD Collection and Silent Hill: Downpour have finally been giving at least semi-official release dates. This comes after the controversy with the original voice actors for Silent Hill 2 and 3 (The games included in the HD Collection) being replaced but in the end being brought back to re-record the dialogue for the remakes.

Also included with the remake will be digitally re-mastered graphics to give the game a sharper look and bring the terror back into the forefront of our minds. The Silent Hill HD Collection will find itself planting the seeds of fear into an entirely new generation of gamers, and rekindling the fear of longtime fans on January 24th.  

Downpour Enemy
Silent Hill Enemy
Silent Hill: Downpour will be coming sometime in March 2012 and will be an entirely new entry in the series. The main character, Murphy Pendleton, is a prisoner being transferred when the bus he is on crashes and he finds himself trapped in the eerie town of Silent Hill. The game is set to take place in the eastern part of the town and familiar locations such as the Hospital will not be in the game. Downpour also hopes to take the series back to the horror roots of previous titles and make the town appear more like an antagonist then just a setting.


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