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Simon Pegg is back for “Mission: Impossible 4”

Simon Pegg is returning to the Mission: Impossible franchise in the series’ next installment, which is set to be directed by Brad Bird (yes, the guy who made Pixar's The Incredibles). According to The Hollywood Reporter, the British actor is negotiating with Paramount to again play geek Benji Dunn. Pegg is a terrific comic actor with sharp timing, who easily stole his scenes in J.J. Abrams motion picture revamp of Star Trek. This project will reunite Abrams and Pegg once again, since Abrams is set to produce.

The fourth installment in the popular franchise is set to begin production sometime this September. After Tom Cruise’s latest film Knight and Day had middling success with critics and bombed at the box office, several issues came up concerning the production of Mission: Impossible 4. There was even a rumor floating around that Ethan Hunt was going to have a younger protégé a la Mutt Williams in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. We all remember how that film turned out, so it’s probably good that it wasn’t actually true. One thing is for certain, however: there will be a Mission: Impossible 4. However, will audiences be interested?


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