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Sit Down with Jonah Hill and ‘The Sitter’ Trailer

Have you ever wanted to take the Elisabeth Shue-led ‘80s comedy Adventures in Babysitting, modernize it with some R-rated humor and snag a foul-mouthed comedian like Jonah Hill to play the babysitter? Well, David Gordon Green’s (Pineapple Express) new comedy The Sitter looks to fill that void.

The film sees Hill as a slob who takes on a babysitting gig that predictably ends up in chaos. Ari Graynor, Sam Rockwell, and Where the Wild Things Are star Max Records also lead the film. Below you can check out a red-band trailer for the comedy that includes a brief intro from Hill and some children.

If adults swearing around children bothers you, well — earmuffs. Leave the kids at home and check out The Sitter on Dec. 9.



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