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Six-Minute ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Prologue in front of ‘Mission: Impossible’ IMAX Screenings

Well, the IMAX run of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol just got a lot more interesting; /Film has it from sources within (unnamed) theater distribution saying that a six-minute prologue to Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises will screen in front of all IMAX prints of "Ghost Protocol." Begin public rejoicing/rioting ... now.

Naturally, Warner Bros. won't confirm anything because they never really do as far as the "Batman" series is concerned. However, it wouldn't be a stretch to see this happening. In 2007, they did the same thing by releasing the prologue from The Dark Knight in front of I Am Legend.

However, naysayers would point out that "Legend" was a Warner Bros. film, while "Ghost Protocol" is a Paramount picture. A valid point, but given the overwhelming anticipation for "Rises" and that "Ghost Protocol" is the IMAX event of the season, it can only be seen as profitable for both sides. Of course, it could be even more profitable for WB, but both studios are not lacking capital right now.

Another point to make in how this story is (God-willing) more than a rumor: both "Rises" and "Protocol" are marketing/priding themselves in their lack of 3D and exclusivity to the IMAX format. Numerous scenes from "Rises" are said to have been shot entirely using IMAX technology with the same being said for "Ghost Protocol." Seeing as how the IMAX run of "Protocol" will be given a three-week head start, at least the wait to see if this is for real will be a shorter one. The wait for the entire "Rises" will forever continue to be excruciating.


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