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Skype Introduces: Skype Calls Over 3G Network with iPhone

Having trouble finding a Wi-Fi network to make a Skype call? That won't be a problem anymore due to a new update is available for Skype users with iPhone 3g or 3Gs. The update allows Skype calls over AT&Ts’ 3G network, but so far its only accessible for iPhone 3G and 3Gs users. This feature is free until the end of the year, after that there will be a small monthly fee for usage. No amounts have been publicized at this moment, but by the end of the year there will be more information available. Other new features include CD-Quality sound for Skype calls, a faster start up time, and now uses the iPhone dialer for placing calls. There is one downside with the new update. It only works with the latest firmware for the iPhone’s operating system and is not accessible by modified iPhones. Therefore, iPhones users who “Jailbreak” their phones are unable to use the new Skype feature.


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