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Skyrim Already Moded

Are you finding that Skyrim just isn't living up to your standards of visual fidelity?  Mods are already popping up that will allow you to alter your Elder Scrolls experience.  Whether you want to improve the graphics or just widen your field of view, PC modders have you covered. 

Some of these modifications are as easy as opening up the console.  In order to widen or narrow your field of view you can open up the console and type in "fov xx."  Obviously 'xx' is a placeholder for actual numbers and you want to ditch the quotations.  

nomal fov

wider fov


There are a lot of mods out there and there will only be more as time goes on.  Check out what's out there but please be careful when modifying your files.  Always make back ups and read the instructions carefully.  If you want to get a bit more serious and have a rig that can handle more advanced graphics, check out this link.


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