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Skyrim Collector’s Edition Detailed

For almost six years now, fans have been waiting for the next new Elder Scrolls game, scheduled to release this November on PC and both HD consoles. It's the kind of prolonged wait that can exaggerate the amazement of a beloved series in your mind, and make you want to express your love by doing something crazy, like paying way more than you have to to get your hands on the game. Publishers have been supporting thisĀ impulse for years with various special editions of their biggest games, and Bethesda's Skyrim is no exception, as their gigantic Collector's Edition version of the game has been priced at $149.99 and contains a few big extras.

Skyrim Collector's Edition

The most noticeable thing about the package is that it comes with a dragon. A statue of one, sure, but a 12" statue to impress your friends, families, and coworkers with. For your $90 over the standard retail price you also get an art book, which is always nice, a map of the region the game takes place in, and a making-of DVD with behind-the-scenes footage on the game's creation. Get your pre-order in now, because I'm sure they can't be making too many of those shiny dragon statues before they run out.

Also, if you're itching for more Skyrim, here's a nice, lengthy demo of the game that was recently shown at Quakecon, including further explanation of the menus, magic system, and combat, as well as a confirmation of the return of a certain popular faction.


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