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Skyrim DLC Confirmed For Summer Release

Bethesda has officially announced the release of Dawnguard for Xbox 360.  Due to Bethesda’s exclusivity right with Microsoft, the game will be arriving in summer for the Xbox, with no release for the PS3 or PC officially confirmed as of yet.

  With just the release image and no other details on what the actual DLC will contain, Skyrim fans will surely be racking their brains in regard to the content of Dawnguard. It’ll be interesting to see how many features from the Skyrim Game Jam video make it in; perhaps a focus on the vampire abilities or maybe new weapons? Though I’m no mastermind, with a name like ‘Dawnguard’ I’m pretty positive we can expect some kind of skirmish involving Dawnstar (and hopefully a Deadric Bow at long last!). 


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